15-Minute Kisses

She stood a long time on the beach before anyone even read her sign.

There were dog walkers but they only looked at their dogs and the horizon and the waves. Not at people standing with signs.

An old man was the first to stop. He had no hurry in his body. He studied the sign then stood looking at her. “Are you certain?”

“Yes,” she said and followed her words with a nod to reassure herself.

“Good luck then.” He wandered on.

The first to take her offer was a teenage boy but he barely touched her with his lips and before long he started giggling and ran off.

She waited a long time for another to come. Meantime her mind wandered to his lips and the way they felt over her body, not just on her lips. It was cold on the beach and she shivered. His kisses were never tentative but nor did they mistake depth or pressure for passion. They were always just what they were meant to be: a whisper from one soul to another in a forgotten language.

Eventually another kisser came by. He was a guy with long hair and all too cock-sure who read the sign and did not hesitate. He moved right into her, seizing her, pulling her body into his as if it were his own. She gulped and closed her eyes, as if by closing them and keeping them closed, the moment would not occur. He pried her lips open with his fierce tongue and slipped his leg up high between hers. His hands were hairy, almost like hooves and his mouth tasted like the woods. She could feel his cock swelling between them and she had to keep batting away his hands which rose to grab at her breasts – but she did not say anything or move to separate her mouth from his.

She surrendered. That’s all you could say about her. She surrendered.

When the alarm on her watch sounded she pushed him away. He tried to kiss her one more time with that sickly grin on his lips, but she kneed him in the crotch and lurched away. She fell onto the beach stuffing her mouth with sand and pulling herself to the water. There she crumbled into the surf and the waves rose up around her.

Oh God! Oh God, she prayed as the surf washed over her crumpled legs. Let me forget his kisses once and for all. Let this be the last time I kiss someone and feel his lips on mine and his curls on my face. Oh Lord let the sand erase the flavor of his kisses from my mouth once and for all.

Oh lord let this be his last kiss that tastes like his.

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