A Bold Love

Train Siding, McCloud, CA
Train siding, McCloud, CA

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – I want a bold love, the kind that flows like a steep mountain river, roaring over the rock bed, pushing fallen branches and stones out of its way. I want a love that overflows and missteps and clamors back, a little wiser for its mistakes. I want a love that throbs and yearns and knows that each day is a precious thing wrested from the surging dark.

I want the love of two warriors fighting back to back, slaying indifference and bounding over the world’s assault upon our dreams. I want a love that talks long into the night about worldly and otherworldly things, bounding from bed the next morning eager again to join the fray.

I want to feel your body gorged on life, poems spilling from your lips, an electric current in your veins, dreams bursting from your navel. Life is too short to settle for anything less, don’t you think?

This is our mission, the one you chose long ago. Just as some fools chase power or fortune and others ponder blood, we arch our backs and throw our chests into the one pursuit worthy of those who love.

Needless to say, we must be brave at times like these, when there is a sage chorus that urges us to sit tight, relinquish. But you and I were not made that way. We do not surrender, we do not abandon, we do not betray.

We soldier on because life and love belong to those who allow their hungry hearts to expand until they are filled atrium and ventricle with the fluids of the universe.

2 responses to “A Bold Love”

  1. Maraya Avatar

    Stay hungry.

  2. LESLIE REIN Avatar

    I’ve got this poem taped to the wall in my art studio (spare bedroom) to remind myself that passion is what drives the artist.

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