About Kevin Carrel Footer

Writer. Photographer. Harmonica Player.

Kevin Carrel Footer is an artist deeply inspired by the intense passions of tango and Buenos Aires. In words, photographs and music, he explores those passions in unexpected ways.

Originally from California, he moved to Buenos Aires in 1992 to begin the spiritual practice of tango. For many years he was a columnist for the Buenos Aires Herald. He is the author of the book “A Tango before I Die” (2013).

Playing harmonica, Kevin Carrel Footer tours the world with the Blue Tango Project alongside Argentine Latin Grammy-nominee María Volonté. Their innovative fusion of tango with the blues, their genre-bending compositions, and passionate live performances set to videos they shoot on the road have thrilled audiences on three continents. Their CDs “9 Vidas” and “Blue Tango” are snapshots of this creative adventure.

Kevin’s photographs have appeared in international magazines and graced the covers of award-winning CDs. His photo-blog project People of Tango celebrates the people and stories of the worldwide tango revolution.

Along the way, he founded Intrepid Patrol, a record label and boutique artist management company whose recordings have won a Carlos Gardel Prize (Argentina’s Grammy) and three Carlos Gardel Prize nominations, as well as a Latin Grammy nomination.


Books / Libros

Tango Queer Buenos Aires (2022)
The Breadmakers (2019)
A Tango Before I Die (2013)

Ongoing Photo Projects

People of Tango
Buenos Aires Carnaval!

Prizes / Premios

Nominated, Premio Estrella del Mar 2013 for Best Musical Performance (Argentina)