End of a voyage. I spent three nights in three different beds in three different cities and a last night strapped into a jump seat on a trans-Atlantic plane. Tonight I wake in the dark in another bed and I inquire with amused curiosity in which bed I lie. It is a while before I can fix my position on the planet – a little like waiting for your GPS to connect to the all-knowing satellites. At last my mind and my body come to rest on a single coordinate and I can give a name to the darkness. I am in my bed in my home in my Buenos Aires.

In bed we share the mysteries.

The terrors.
The pleasures.
The dreams.
The confusion.

All those things that wander in the night.

I like passing mysteries back and forth between consenting adults like bodily fluids. The mysteries of your body, of your fears, of your longing, of your un-said things. Yes, these are the things I want to share with you.

These things we don’t know yet how to say.

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  1. andrewgrahamyooll Avatar

    I lie in most beds, but they are all good. with best wishes, A.

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