Book Presentation at the Borges – Photos

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Thanks to Macarena Zorraquín for these wonderful photos.

Thanks to all the artists and friends who joined me on this very special night at the Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires.

Thanks to:
Carmen Mesa, bailaora
Jorge Rabito, bass/contrabajo
Fabián “Sapo” Miodownik, percussion/percusión
Edgardo Fernández Sesma y José Chaya, tango dancers
María Volonté, guitar & vocals/guitarra y voz

Nicolas Bottini, dirección
James Macdonald
Mercedes Cáceres
Lourdes Cáceres
Macarena Zorraquin, photos/fotos

Special thanks to:
Roger Haloua
Alejandro Molinari & the technical staff of the Centro Cultural Borges

As a result of the success of this first book presentation, I will be presenting the book with local artists in Rosario and Mar del Plata, Argentina and I have some readings in bookstores in Buenos Aires coming up.

Stay tuned for details…

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