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  • El Beso Azul LIVE! in Buenos Aires

    Maria Volonte: “El Beso Azul” LIVE at Parque Centenario from Intrepid Patrol on Vimeo.

  • El Beso Azul

    Performed live at the Jazz Voyeur Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • “El beso azul” on Argentine TV

    Maria and I performed “El beso azul,” one of our new songs on the Argentine TV program “Desde la vida,” a show dedicated to children growing up with different physical and mental challenges. Argentine rock musician Fena della Maggiora, who hosts the program, fell in love with the song and learned it in the studio…

  • Sweet Tango with dancers

  • New video: Small Town, Big Vision

    “Small Town, Big Vision” trailer from Intrepid Patrol Video on Vimeo. My latest (and longest) video project has just been completed. It is a 28-minute documentary about Mark Wagner and his dream to create the world’s largest chalk drawing in defense of arts education in the schools. I made the video together with my step-daughter…