Category: Little Epiphanies

  • Kevin's Butterfly

    The Butterfly’s Tattoo

    A butterfly tattoo at the milonga provokes a meditation on the beauty and tragedy of life.

  • Snapshots

    New Year. New Story.

    Listen: It’s a new year and it feels like a good time to write a new story.  A fever came over me on New Year’s Eve and I took it as a good omen: I will purge the old through sweat and heat and prepare myself for something new. Like a controlled fire in a…

  • Carmen Mesa

    A Flower, a Book and a Dream

    Carmen Mesa, Bailaora (in a still from the video “9 Vidas” by Macarena Zorraquín & Juampi Correa) Listen: Carmen, lying on the floor where the sunlight is streaming in from the north-facing window, looks up from her book and stares out the window. There is a flower in her hair, one she picked from a…

  • Photo of mural by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in Buenos Aires

    Overheated City

    “David” – Mural by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada en San Telmo, Buenos Aires. Listen to audio: I have two ways of seeing this city, each a faithful expression of my own shifting nature. Sometimes she is the purest expression of repose, like water running beside a riverbank. Other times, she is a cauldron of bubbles and fumes…

  • Take My Hand

    Listen: One morning, before going to school — I guess I needed the silence of mornings back then too — I started drawing on a large pad made for such a purpose. The paper was thick and slightly rough so that the graphite would come off the pencil and stick to the surface. I drew…

  • Blink first, you lose! Exhibition of works by Renata Shussheim, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, 2023. (kevincarrelfooter.com)

    In the Land of Make-Believe

    Blink first, you lose (Photo by KCF, Buenos Aires, 2023) Listen: I went on a date the other night, an artist date.  Anyone familiar with Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” (and if you are an artist of any ilk, aspiring or otherwise, you should be) knows the concept of the artist date: “The Artist Date,”…

  • Afilador/knife sharpener, Buenos Aires

    El Afilador: On the Cutting Edge

    Knife sharpener, Buenos Aires, 1870. Source: Archivo General de la Nación Argentina Listen to the story: Bonus: Two afiladores announcing their services, Buenos Aires, 2023: I have my own pantheon of local gods. At the center stands the sage taxi driver. Then comes the vegetable stand proprietor, the fellow at the newspaper kiosk, the street…

  • Sotano

    The Street Will Tell You Stories

    Listen here: My strongest and favorite memories from my adolescence were of my solo adventures exploring San Francisco. Not much else stands out from that time. I did all the ordinary dreary things: I went to school, I played sports (badly), I had a few frustrating dates. But what jumps out in memory was the…

  • Night-Blooming Jasmine

    Listen: Sometimes as I am walking home late at night, I scent her fragrance. No matter the exhaustion of all that has come before, no matter the exhaustion of all that is to come, these things mean exactly nothing when I feel her near. She waits, no doubt, for moments such as these: summer nights.…