Manifesto in Progress


I choose the path of the artist.

I choose the path that wends its way through doubt and disorientation, endlessly searching. The path is the destination.

Art is my spiritual practice. When you see me creating, I am praying. And when I pray, I am celebrating creation. The purpose of life is to celebrate life.

I reject the material world, even though I suspect it will exact a great price as punishment for my hubris. I choose to live and to die by my art, to live in the splendor of the true light and to shun all false, shiny things.

The material world is subservient to the spiritual, artistic world – though you will have a hell of a time getting the material world to ever admit that.

My places of worship are arts collectives, dance halls, broken-down music clubs, community arts centers, theaters, living rooms, wide-open spaces and any place where people gather around the sacred fire of creativity.

I reject half measures. It is too late and too important to minimize ourselves.

When we embrace uncertainty and allow the magma of the universe that is flowing through us to come to the surface, we become artists.

Let’s be artists together.

by Kevin Carrel Footer – www.kevincarrelfooter.com

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