Music Business Readings

Here are some of my favorite readings on the independent music scene:

Derek Sivers: www.sivers.org
Founder of CD Baby, Derek Sivers not only created my favorite music distribution service, but also writes brilliantly about what it means to be an independent artist and, most importantly, how to do it.

Jason Ricci:
Jason is a brilliant harmonica player who wrote an incredible article about being an independent musician and touring successfully: “Stay College”. Read it here>>>

Martin Atkins: Welcome to the Music Business: You’re Fucked!
Get your copy of Martin Atkins irreverent ebook on making a living as a touring band. Download it here: http://www.mediainstitute.edu/freebook/

Books to help you grow as an artist:
“Effortless Mastery” (book & CD) by Kenny Werner
“The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron
“Zen in the art of archery” by Eugen Herrigel

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