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A Tango Before I Die
by Kevin Carrel Footer

A Tango Before I Die by Kevin Carrel Footer, is a collection of writings inspired by tango and Buenos Aires. This collection of pieces originally published in The Buenos Aires Herald newspaper, explores desire, the longing for connection and the pleasures of solitude and contemplation. Buenos Aires is observed by an eye that is both journalistic and literary and awakening to the mysteries and contradictions of this world. “All of these stories were written quite quickly, mostly on Saturday mornings pushing against the deadline to get them into the paper the next day. Think of them as chronicles of a voyage, entries scribbled in a log book during a long adventure. When there was a break in the action, I would jot down these notes so that if we were shipwrecked there would be some record floating out there in the ocean.” — from the preface This is the first in a collection of chapbooks titled “Little Epiphanies.” The texts are accompanied by the writer’s own photographs.

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