Photo by Kevin Carrel Footer

by Kevin Carrel Footer

While I am busy making an afternoon, the sun toasts the horizon and the moon’s soft arrival in the blue sky reveals the night’s approach.

I type sporadically, lost in the post-coital bliss of the week’s contemplation. Across my mind flash delicious fragments of days just passed. It is Sunday and I am savoring the little pieces of my life: the loving greeting of a friend; something nice someone said to me; gentleness found out on the dance floor; the uncovering of a surprise where least expected; a jam on stage with friends that took flight Friday night; the pleasure of following a training routine and seeing the results of steady work turning into art; a small gesture I made that seemed to comfort someone.

It’s not much – but still it is everything. Many things didn’t happen this past week. But these are the miracles that did.

Today there is nothing to do but think on them all. This remembering makes a pleasant banquet.