I am writing, acting, putting words to paper in order to exercise them, exorcize them, get them out. They reside within me but they must out. It is the never-ending breathless gush.

I am learning that mastery of the little things leads to mastery of the big things. I have always tended to focus on the bigger picture, the musings, the daydreams, the fantasies – but I forget that without mastery of the mundane none of those dreams will come true.

My advice for today: Start small. Do the mundane things to perfection but dream BIG.

I have arrived late at this information and I only hope that it is not too late. I have mused away decades of my life. It has been pleasant but I wonder what I have missed as a result.

But what I missed must be balanced against what I gained. Perhaps I needed those decades of wandering to become who I am today, drifting from place to place, from embrace to embrace in search of things I could not name.

What has kept me moving is that I am always reaching out to be powerfully connected to my dreams and my vision of what my life could be. I do not want to cut corners or accept the prefabricated solutions that worked for other people. I want to reveal my uniqueness, my treasure, my artistry, my love.

I believe that I am closer than ever to living as a true artist: openly, fully and unabashedly.

I want to have the courage to spew my vision onto the world around me. I do not want to shy away. I do not want to stand clear where I won’t get splattered or far behind. I want to be clear and strong and committed and thrilled by every little movement I make in my life. I want to live with that clarity, that vision, that ecstasy.

I feel that I am closer than ever and have the tools and knowledge that I didn’t have before.

Yes, I will live unabashedly and watch the growing bonfire of beauty and charred remains that is my life.

Let the fire burn brighter and higher.

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