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  • The journey to your ear


    (published 28 March 2010 in The Buenos Aires Herald) In the old days, after the artist, it was about the instrument. That’s why people would go to such lengths to steal a Stradivarius. Today, in the era of amplified and recorded sound, much of the action takes place once the sound leaves the instrument and…

  • The other side of the night


    My only salvation is the love of a woman who lifts me in her arms and wraps me in her perfume and carries me to the other side of the night.

  • Perhaps


    A life is an endless chain of perhaps. Perhaps — had I followed that scent down the dark alley — I would have met the primordial seductress and we would have wrestled lovingly amid the garbage cans and refuse until our bodies were shrunken vestiges of their former selves. Perhaps I would have passed through…