Little Epiphanies

Kevin Carrel Footer, self portrait
As I Am

Listen… I crave to be taken as I am Unvarnished Raw Contradictory Exploratory Unfinished I was…

Kevin's Butterfly
The Butterfly’s Tattoo

A butterfly tattoo at the milonga provokes a meditation on the beauty and tragedy of life.

New Year. New Story.

Listen: It’s a new year and it feels like a good time to write a new story.  A fever came over …

Carmen Mesa
A Flower, a Book and a Dream

Carmen Mesa, Bailaora (in a still from the video “9 Vidas” by Macarena Zorraquín & J…

Photo of mural by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in Buenos Aires
Overheated City

“David” – Mural by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada en San Telmo, Buenos Aires. Listen to au…

Take My Hand

Listen: One morning, before going to school — I guess I needed the silence of mornings back then too…

Blink first, you lose! Exhibition of works by Renata Shussheim, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, 2023. (kevincarrelfooter.com)
In the Land of Make-Believe

Blink first, you lose (Photo by KCF, Buenos Aires, 2023) Listen: I went on a date the other night, a…

Afilador/knife sharpener, Buenos Aires
El Afilador: On the Cutting Edge

Knife sharpener, Buenos Aires, 1870. Source: Archivo General de la Nación Argentina Listen to the st…

The Street Will Tell You Stories

Listen here: My strongest and favorite memories from my adolescence were of my solo adventures explo…