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Portrait & Documentary Photography by Kevin Carrel Footer

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From tug boat crews on the Río de la Plata river to breadmakers in the South of France and tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Kevin Carrel Footer immerses himself in the world of his subjects to celebrate their lives and passions. His photographs have been published in magazines and newspapers around the world. His portraits have graced the covers of Grammy-nominated albums.

Photography is an act of connection. Photographer and subject come together in a pact to tell a story.

– Kevin Carrel Footer

Projects & Publications

Tango Queer Buenos Aires

The queer tango scene in Buenos Aires has played a central role in the resurgence of tango in the past two decades. From the opening of the first gay milonga in 2000 to the present day, Kevin has been a keen observer of the customs and protagonists of this transformative movement.

The Breadmakers

Monograph, 2019

During the summer of 2018, Kevin Carrel Footer spent time on an organic farm in Provence, France to document the process of turning grain into flour and then into bread and on to market.

People of Tango

Photo Blog & Book Project (ongoing)

The People of Tango Project celebrates the protagonists of the worldwide tango revolution.

Buenos Aires Carnaval!

Photo Blog & Book Project (ongoing)

The carnival tradition has deep roots in Buenos Aires but has endured decades of neglect. This documentary project follows neighborhood-based troupes that are working to bring carnival back to life.