Creativity Workshops

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Write Like You Dance!
An Intensive Writing & Movement Workshop with Kevin Carrel Footer

This 8-week workshop is about freeing the creative spirit through movement and writing. It is aimed at non-writers and non-dancers. This is for people who think they can’t write, who think they can’t dance. It is about breaking free of those useless bonds.

The words we want to say are lodged in our bodies. Through movement and dance we can free up those words so they can help us continue on the journey to self-awareness.

This workshop explores the connection between writing and dance as two ecstatic experiences that allow us to release joy and self-knowledge into our lives every day.

What to bring:
A notebook and pen/pencil. Wear soft, comfortable clothes like a jogging suit or yoga clothes.

About the instructor:
Kevin Carrel Footer is an artist whose own explorations of the intersection of dance and writing have provided him with important insights into the creative process. He is the author of “A Tango Before I Die” and for many years he was a columnist for the Buenos Aires Herald. In 2008, he formed a band with Argentine Latin Grammy nominee María Volonté called “Blue Tango Project.” The duo tours extensively around the world performing their original compositions. Originally from California, he moved to Buenos Aires in 1992 to begin the spiritual practice of tango.

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Escribe Como Bailas!
Taller Intensivo de Escritura y Movimiento con Kevin Carrel Footer

Acerca del Taller:
Este taller tiene 8 semanas de duración y propone liberar el espíritu creativo a través del movimiento y la escritura. Está dirigido a los que no se dedican ni a escribir ni a bailar. Esto es para quienes piensan que no pueden escribir, los que piensan que no pueden bailar. Se trata de romper esas ataduras inútiles.

Las palabras se alojan en nuestros cuerpos. A través del movimiento y la danza podemos liberarlas para que nos ayuden a continuar nuestro viaje de autoconocimiento. Este taller explora la conexión entre escribir y bailar, dos experiencias fascinantes que permiten infundir alegría y autoconocimiento a cada día de nuestras vidas.

Qué hay que traer?
Un cuaderno y un lápiz/lapicera. Ropa liviana y cómoda, como la que se usa para hacer jogging o yoga.

Acerca del instructor:
Kevin Carrel Footer es un artista que a través de sus propias exploraciones del cruce entre baile y escritura, ha desarrollado un importante conocimiento del proceso creativo. Es el autor de ¨ A Tango Before I Die ¨ y por varios años fue columnista del Buenos Aires Herald. En 2008 formó un dúo con la cantante y compositora María Volonté, el Blue Tango Project, con el que giran alrededor del mundo tocando sus temas originales. Nacido en California, Footer se trasladó a Buenos Aires en 1992 para empezar la práctica espiritual del tango.

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You too can walk the path of greater creativity.

This workshop focuses on breaking down the barriers that stifle our innate creativity. We will meet once a week as a group, but there will be short, daily writing & movement exercises to keep you connected to the creative process each and every day for eight weeks.

It is an experience that will transform you. Guaranteed.

Every single person who has taken this workshop has found hidden treasure. All of us carry this treasure inside us; but for many reasons it gets buried and forgotten and feels out of reach. Many people think that they are not creative at all; they assume that other people were given some rare gift that makes them artists, inventors or entrepreneurs. Not true: every single person has a creative self hidden inside them. All we have to do is learn to care for and free that self.

Through free-writing exercises, creative play and group discussions you will unlock your true voice, push through the barriers that silence you and develop the self-compassion and patience necessary to freely unleash the creative person that we all carry within.

“Kevin is the person to go to when looking for inspiration, motivation and encouragement on the path to writing. Just go for it and you’ll be amazed at what you find!” – Matilde M.

More than a writing course, this is a course about being creative. In a supportive and encouraging environment, we will work together to break down the barriers we all face in our quest to make creativity a greater part of our daily lives.

And when we connect to the creativity that is locked inside us our lives begin to change in dramatic ways. The benefits of this course go far beyond writing or other artistic endeavors.

When you connect with your “inner writer/dancer” you free up a vast power that allows you to be more creative in your daily life, in your relationships, at work, in business — everywhere.

Fue un taller de vida, de aceptación y de crecimiento. Una de las experiencias más enriquecedoras que me tocó vivir. — Astrid G.

How the workshops work:

We meet once a week. A lot happens in those meetings, but the real action takes place in your daily writing & movement exercizes. Each day you will write for fifteen minutes. (It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is a powerful motor for growth and change. You’ll see.)

When we meet for class bring these writings with you. (It is convenient to have them all in a single notebook.) If you want to read something you wrote in class, we’d love to hear it. However, it is not obligatory. Many of the exercises we write get very personal and it is important to give yourself complete freedom without censoring the words that come out. So, everything you write is private… unless you choose to share.

“It’s an experience that everyone should try at least once to amaze themselves when they open that Pandora’s Box of creativity… I highly recommend it!” — Gustavo M.

Bring a willingness to open up and explore. Bring a notebook and something to write with. I recommend that you get a fresh notebook and reserve it for this workshop. You will be writing a lot. Every day you will have a short assignment and you will want to bring them to class. In the end, it will be nice to have all these writings in one place to serve as a testimonial and as a reminder of what you achieved in just two months.

Who this workshop is (and isn’t) for:

This workshop is for anyone who wants to unleash their natural creativity. You don’t need talent (or anything else you think other people have and you don’t). All you need is to be ready to open up and play.

You also need to be respectful. A lot of the power of these workshops derives from the group, so it is essential that you listen to others and participate in a caring way. We are all in this together, learning to overcome our limitations. The path to creativity is a messy one and a fragile one. (The world sets out to trample everyone’s creativity; we are all victims of this process.) Working together we will help each other get to a new place where our creativity can thrive. It requires gentleness and respect from all involved.

This workshop is not about perfecting your punctuation or grammar. There are many other teachers who do just that — sometimes at the expense of our raw creative impulses. I prefer that you say something strong using a word incorrectly and with your grammar all backwards so long as you say it. (After all, what’s the point of good grammar if you don’t dare to say the one thing you needed to say?) In this workshop, we are going to focus on getting creative.

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