Tango Lessons

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Tango for the Soul.

I take a relaxed, gentle approach to teaching tango. I emphasize tango for the soul over tango for the feet.

Tango is much more than fancy footwork. (Indeed, fancy footwork has little to do with dancing tango at all.) Tango is a way of connecting with another person in a new and deeper way that transforms our experience of life itself.

As a writer, I cannot say enough about the benefits of tango. But rather than talk about it, I would much prefer to teach you to dance tango so that you can find out all these good things for yourself.

As a teacher, I guide you to discover tango at your own pace.

My approach to teaching tango is to focus on 1) the connection you have with your own body and 2) the connection you create with your dance partner.

Everybody comes to tango from a different place. Some people have dance backgrounds, but most people are just like you and me: they don’t know how to dance anything; they just know that their life would be different (better) if they could.

Everyone can dance tango… even you!

Believe me, I know. Twenty years ago I arrived in Buenos Aires with a suitcase of dreams and two left feet. I overcame my own fears and I made the rounds of many tango teachers, learning from both their teaching successes and the mistakes they made. Several times I gave up out of frustration, but every time tango called me back.

As a result, I learned to be patient with myself and with others as we learn to tango. (We are all, by the way, learning to tango. It is a life-long process.)

I am especially grateful to my dance partners in the milongas of Buenos Aires. Their patience and encouragement along the way and the exquisite moments we shared on the dance floor helped me to find the tango inside me.

I would like to help you discover the tango that is inside of you.

– Kevin Carrel Footer

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