Category: Art

  • Workin’ it

    Down the street from my old apartment in Palermo, by the hot pillow motels, was the Red Light District where you could have your pick of transvestites. I passed them every night on my way back from the newspaper. They were a lovely bunch of girls.

  • Milongueras

    I wouldn’t have spent all those hours, all those years in the milongas of Buenos Aires if I weren’t fascinated by milongueras. I am.

  • Campo Argentino

    I have spent a lot of time on friends’ ranches in Argentina or traveling by horseback. It took me a while to appreciate the flatness of it all, but now I have come to love the bare aesthetic of the pampas.

  • 15-Minute Kisses

    She waited a long time for another to come. Meantime her mind wandered to his lips and the way they felt over her body, not just on her lips. It was cold on the beach and she shivered. His kisses were never tentative but nor did they mistake depth or pressure for passion. They were…

  • The Butterfly’s Wings


    She dances through life, moving from partner to partner with such even-handed grace that no one takes affront. The lovers, men and women, cling to her, lose themselves happily in her world. The frankness of her gift is such that they all understand.

  • A woman on the riverbank in repose


    As the afternoon sun drops lower, the timbre of the light deepens, throwing a soft golden blanket over the two of us. All I want now is for her to sleep while I stay with her under a summer sun that settles on the horizon without ever dissolving into the ocean.