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  • I like helping people break free


    I like helping people to break free of the chains that hold them down. I know what it’s like to feel trapped and desperate. I also know it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Abandoned memories

    Sometimes the best photo is the one that jumps out and grabs you as you walk down the street, lost in thought.

  • The Road is My Home

    I have felt the home country – the false country – falling behind me. I wonder why I didn’t take to the road sooner. Though, in all fairness, I did head out many times on voyages that lasted three weeks or fifteen years. The difference now is that then I was leaving some place, something…

  • Life at 5AM

    The kitchen table in BA at 5AM on a Monday morning. Is this the beginning or the end?

  • At the X-Alfonzo concert in SF

    Loved this concert with X-Alfonso at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in SF.

  • Show tonight at “Clamores” in Madrid, Spain

    I’ll be playing tonight at “Clamores” in Madrid with Mavi Diaz & Maria Volonte. Juan Esteban Cuacci is on piano, Raul Kiokio on guitar and we have an incredible line-up of guests including the exquisite Madre Tierra, Floro Aramburu and Marcela Ferrari y Osvi Greco. If you are in Madrid, I promise you, you don’t…

  • Einstein in Paris

  • On stage / 6 Nov.

    We have been playing each week at the Jazz Voyeur Club in Buenos Aires. Very special guests have been joining us, such as Katie Viqueira (pictured here), Daniel Garcia, Ariel Prat, Guillermo Fernandez, Caracol… and the list goes on. We’ve also been playing private events around town, such as the corporate gig shown here. But,…

  • Buenos Aires Blues Festival… and more

    Yesterday was one of those glorious days where everything falls into place. Lunch with our dear friends Dolores Bengolea and her husband, film director Hector Olivera on the balcony of their Buenos Aires penthouse, an on-stage reencounter with my old friend and harmonica mentor Charly Cuomo at the Buenos Aires Blues Festival, and then a…