Why Did the Angels Leave This World?

I wrote this poem, then set it to music with the help of my friends Jorge Rabito, Joaquin Sellan, Fabián “Sapo” Miodownik.

Here are the words/lyrics, for those who want to see them written out…

Passengers all we toe the line
Thrust screaming into life
So soon its time to go again
Abandoned once, we thrash and churn
Lost in this mortal dance
A fight that can’t be won
But still we plead for one more chance
For one more chance now

I dream a dream that doesn’t change
Someone calls out to me
But I don’t even know her name
She locks me in her mortal stare
I start to fade away
My body breaks apart
There’s nothing left to make me stay
To make me stay now

Why did the angels leave this world?
Is there a better place
But we can’t see it?

Why did they leave us when they fled?
This world’s a chimera
All twisted and askew
Where even angels fear to tread

Angels in this world
Lost among the tombs
I love
I need
I dream of you

This world is dark with angels gone
I miss their magic fire
To guide us safely to the dawn

While cities fought they wandered off
This world of shattered glass
Where loneliness abounds
Where streets are filled with emptiness
With emptiness now

One response to “Why Did the Angels Leave This World?”

  1. Cami Burchett Avatar
    Cami Burchett

    Kevin recited this poem at the 11:59 service at First-Plymouth Church while Maria sang! It was so beautiful I asked Kevin for the lyrics… He exceeded my expectations by sending me the lyrics set to music in Argentina!!

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