Anja advanced and acquired and absconded.

Anja bequeathed and burnished and burst.

Anja came and caressed and careened.

Anja dreamt and drooled and drifted and derailed.

Anja echoed and expressed and expelled.

Anja found and fooled and felt.

Anja got and gave and grifted.

Anja had and hadn’t and held.

Anja invested and initiated and inquired.

Anja jiggled and jousted and jazzed.

Anja knew and knelt and kept.

Anja leapt and lost and loosed.

Anja meant and met and melted.

Anja needed and nourished and neared.

Anja occupied and osculated and opened.

Anja postulated and prostrated and presumed.

Anja queried and quested and quoted.

Anja rejected and rallied and re-appraised.

Anja sent and sought and seethed.

Anja twisted and truncated and traveled.

Anja undid and usurped and undulated.

Anja vested and divested and verged.

Anja willed and wound and wondered.

Anja x-rayed and x-iled and x-punged.

Anja yearned and yanked and yearned again.

Anja zipped and zydecoed and zinged.

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