Buenos Aires Herald: Passion Meets Strong Creativity

(Published in the Buenos Aires Herald on 21 August 2013)

Former Herald columnist and staffer Kevin Carrel Footer will be presenting his book A Tango before I Die” (Un Tango antes de morir) next Monday in the Centro Cultural Borges.

The written text of this maiden book is culled from a decade of Sunday columns in the Herald. Even veteran readers will be less familiar with the accompanying photographs by the author, which seek to reflect the intensely personal tone of his columns. At the presentation, some of this themes will be interpreted in music and dance by well-known performers.

As the title might imply, Footer’s work is profoundly driven by an intense passion for tango, as well as its city where he has resided for over two decades. In those years he has pioneered “Free the Writer Inside” workshops to help people develop their creativity, as well as photographing prominent artists for CD covers.

But since 2008 his “Blue Tango Tour” project in conjunction with the singer/composer María Volonté has seen him frequently on the road in Europe, the United States and the rest of Latin America (Footer’s musical contribution is to play the harmonica Mississippi blues style).

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  1. Matu Storyteller Avatar

    Wow! Super Congrats and CARPE DIEM!!! 🙂

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